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  • 1. Approach

    An online/offline meeting is conducted. As a team, we understand your vision. We understand its essence. Furthermore, we will explain how it can be put to reality.

  • 2. Listing

    Upon a detailed analysis of the brief collected, we will list out a certain things, which, will be required to move the project further.

  • 3. Quote

    A detailed Price Quote that explains all the services demanded by the client is published and mailed for approval. Payment schedule and other details are also mentioned in the same.

  • 4. Case Study

    As it is important for us to have an in depth analysis of the project before we deliver the first draft of the design structure, a case study is conducted.

  • 5. Initial Design and Revision

    We put our brains to work so as to create the first draft designs. Revision and necessary changes are made after getting feedback from the client.

  • 6. Approval and Delivery

    After the approval, we will look into the minute details once again. Then, the outcome is delivered as either a soft or a hard copy.

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